When you see the truth

Serie " Non Dualism"

Non-dualism, also called Advaita Vedanta, is originally a Hindu philosophy from ancient India. It is considered one of the classically Indian ways to achieve enlightenment. A-dvaita means non-duality, non-duality. Everything is built from the same building blocks and comes from the same source; Energy, thoughts, feelings, sandwich on your plate, the moon and the stars. Everything is one, there is no two!
What you learn is to observe your thoughts and your ego and not coincide with them. When we identify too much with our thoughts and ego, we live with a lot of worry. Such as rich and poor, young and old, black and white, ebb and flow, reputation and taboos, homosexuality or straight, man and woman, hot and cold, Are you religious or atheist and so on. The trick is not to be tempted to fight against yourself.

This artwork is available in 80 cm x 120 cm. 
                                         Limited edition 8 + 2 AP               
                         included hand signed Certificate of Authenticity
This art photo is printed on High-quality Ilford Satin Fine Art paper on 2 mm dibond with  
anti-reflex glossy plexiglass acrylic in a beautiful black wooden frame with hanging system.